Dublin: An evening with Cormac O’Malley

(June 16, 2017)
It was a thrilling  experience speaking in Dublin City Hall to over 200+ Irish History enthusiast and get a chance to share more of Ernie’s legacy.  Many thanks to The 1916-21 Club with the support of Dublin City Council for organizing a wonderful evening but a special thanks to each person who attended!  There was tremendous support from Dublin but also Waterford, Cork and Derry!

Since launching the new website we have gotten such tremendous support & we can’t wait to share more.  Below is an wonderful write up of the evening a guest shared with us  & gave permission to share with you.  Looking forward to the next event coming soon!

Colm Chan (Tapestry Tours Dublin)

On Thursday I had the privilege of attending a talk by Cormac O’Malley, organised by the 1916-21 Club. The Club, founded in the 1940s are very active in preserving and promoting the history of our War of Independence, or the Tan War. Visit their website to access a great resource for both the serious researcher and those who have a casual interest.

The talk was held in City Hall, Dublin. It’s a striking venue but it’s rotunda style hall makes for poor acoustics. The organisers promptly sorted out the sound while Cormac O’Malley made friendly and affable remarks to the audience. His warm manner continued through out his talk on his father Ernie. It was peppered with obscure but interesting details from his father’s life and the times he lived in. He shared great insight into his father with the packed out hall and nobody complained when he went over time. It was great to learn more about

Ernie’s passion for the arts and folklore. It adds a very touching new element to his work for me.

Cormac is an engaging speaker, with well timed humour and a knack for simplifying a point. With that in mind, I’m looking forward to reading his books, including “No Surrender Here” and “Broken Landscapes”.  In the footsteps of his father, Cormac is preserving and sharing the history of the time with his new website www.ernieomalley.com.


Today we celebrate the 120th anniversary

Cormac (left) & Ernie O’Malley (right) at the Galway Races -1954

(May 26, 2017)
Today we celebrate the 120th anniversary of the birth (26 May 1897) of Ernest Bernard Malley, more popularly known as Ernie O’Malley or less well known as Bernard Steward (1920-21) and even less known as Cecil E Howard-Smyth (1925-26). To mark this occasion, we are thrilled to share this new website dedicated to preserving and remembering his life.

This is only a start and more materials will be added regularly. We would like this website to be the go-to site for information about Ernie. In due course some of his unpublished works will be added as well as his diaries. The bibliography will be updated as more materials are published, but is it a good start. Perhaps people can add comments in due course.

To avoid making and maintaining two different websites, we will include materials relating to Helen Hooker, his American wife and artist, on the same site.

We welcome any feedback and other thoughts.

I greatly appreciate the technical, emotional and substantive support that Conor and Bergin have given me in pushing me to this level of technical capacity. I hope you enjoy the site and do return from time to time.

Cormac O’Malley (son of Ernie O’Malley)