Episode 4: Spring 1920, ‘The IRA Oath and Changing Tactics’

Episode 3: May 1920 Hollyford RIC Barracks

Episode 2: March 1920 Changing Attitudes

Episode 1: Feb 1920 Ballytrain RIC Barrack

Ernie’s Journey – Introduction

2017 – March:  PAGE 1 #117 Cormac O’Malley – “Modern Ireland & Revolution: Ernie O’Malley in Context”

2014 – Feb: The Wild Geese Virtual Síbín with Cormac O’Malley

Directed and edited by Marcus Howard

2016 – March: The Newport Historical Society: Cormac O Malley talks about his IRA father in The Grainne Uaile pub Newport Co. Mayo, Ireland.

REBELS OF IRELAND – Ernie O’Malley Irish Republican Army:

Ernie O’Malley No Surrender by Easter Rising Stories

1920 Burning of the Barracks by Easter Rising Stories