Lecture: December 3, 2017
Directed and edited by Marcus Howard
“One of the most important figures in the Irish War of Independence and Irish Civil War was Ernie O’Malley. His son Cormac O’Malley recounts his extraordinary life including his time in the US and Mexico in later years. His son also recounts his literary career, passion for photography and influential participation in art circles in Ireland and abroad. This is a film potrays a man of integrity man who refused to surrender.”

2017 – March:  PAGE 1 #117 Cormac O’Malley – “Modern Ireland & Revolution: Ernie O’Malley in Context”

2014 – Feb: The Wild Geese Virtual Síbín with Cormac O’Malley


2016 – March: The Newport Historical Society: Cormac O Malley talks about his IRA father in The Grainne Uaile pub Newport Co. Mayo, Ireland.


REBELS OF IRELAND – Ernie O’Malley Irish Republican Army: